Brunch With the Boys

Third Friday of the Month at Noon

Brunch With the Boys is on hiatus for the holidays and will return in January.

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Mission: Connecting resources, community, and brotherhood for veterans by veterans.

VetLink Foundation’s Brunch With the Boys is a community of veterans who are primarily focused on supporting others who have transitioned from military to civilian life. These vets will share resources on how to help veterans through monthly topics, presentations, and social networking. The goal of this group is to be a safe place to assist all veterans regardless of how long they have left military service. 

This program is sponsored by Sponsored by Solana at the Park and will take place at the AZ TechCelerator facility, where we will meet for an hour and a half, get a meal, needed information, and a community of new friends. *Members with children who need someone to supervise their children during our meeting should call Dr. Jacqueline Ryan-Rojas, Foundation Director for additional support. 

This group will initially meet on the 3rd Friday of each month at noon, sign up online or via phone to help us plan for enough food and materials.

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Jacqueline Ryan-Rojas, PhD
Vetlink Foundation Director

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